Our Crew

Tanner Masters

Tanner is the president of Atomic Fizz. He is one of the managing members of Atomic Fizz along with Sam Heacock, the VP. Tanner was there to help create the original flavor and intends to be in the company for as long as the company is running. He is going to school to study computer science and is in his second year of college.

Sam Heacock

As Vice President of Atomic Fizz, Sam is involved in decision-making, sales, and practically every other aspect of the company. He has especially been focused on the expansion of the company to Des Moines, where he goes to school. A sophomore at Drake University, Sam is studying business administration and psychology, but also plays trumpet in the school’s symphonic band, pep band, marching band, and Jazz One ensemble. He is very excited for the future of Atomic Fizz and you should be too!

Mark Driscoll

Mark is the Director of Marketing for Atomic Fizz. He handles all the social media and focuses on getting the name out to the community. He was one of the people up until 3am drinking an absurd amount of soda concoctions when they were first starting out and looking for our unique flavor. Outside of the company he is a server and a full time student at Metropolitan Community College. He’s studying to become a High School English Teacher.

Mark Driscoll
Antonio Johnson

Antonio is the Head of Inventory at Atomic Fizz. He is twenty years old and his favorite food is barbecue ribs. He helped to create the original and unique flavor. Antonio ensures that Atomic Fizz is always in stock of the things they need most.


Mitchell Pritchard

Mitchell is the secretary for Atomic Fizz. He takes minutes at the meetings and helps manage Atomic Fizz’s operations. He’s helped the company’s biggest investors and he really likes Atomic Fizz.

Noah Witherell

Noah has a fulltime job at Show Me Home Delivery. His job is to deliver and or put together items that the customers have purchased. He likes to work and learn about cars in his free time. From Atomic Fizz T-Shirts to the website, he’s here to help however he can.



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