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What Does it Taste Like?

   "They ain't lyin'. It's an original flavor!"


One thing we're almost always asked is "so what does Atomic Fizz taste like?" The answer: it tastes like Atomic Fizz! Atomic Fizz is an original flavor and wasn't designed to taste like anything other than itself. It's like asking what the flavor of cola is; it's just cola. But if you really must know what others think it tastes like, we've created a list of just a few of the things people have said our soda pop tastes like:

~ Cotton Candy

~ Ginger Ale

~ Cherry Cola

~Citrus Creme Soda

~ Ice

~ Smarties

~ Freedom

~ Skittles

~ Surge and Ginger Ale 

We hope this has given you a good idea of what Atomic Fizz tastes like :) As for our other flavors, you're on your own for figuring those out.